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Forget the Assumptions. Pinpoint Your Readers’ Online Footprint.

Instantly discover the online behaviors of your target readers — who they are, what they like, where they’re active, who they follow, and how they talk about the books that interest them.

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Identify your target readers demographics

Discover your audiences' gender and age breakdown, where they live, and what devices and social media platforms they use most.

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Know where your readers hang out online

Locate the top websites and media outlets your readers browse and engage with online.

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Track your readers source of influence

Find the top brands, media personalities, and social profiles your readers connect with online.

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Monitor your readers keyword searches

See the common terms, phrases, and topics your readers talk about and search for online.

With a growing collection of 70+ Reader Insights Reports — there’s bound to be a match for your audience

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Do You Have a Unique Audience?

We do custom reports to match any audience preference.