Gathering data is important, but it’s consistent curation, categorization, and data classification that allow you to stand out in a highly competitive marketplace. Better data. A better customer experience. A better bottom line. We make it simple. If you are only looking to purchase books, click here.


Complete metadata collection services work in tandem with our proprietary data to ensure you have exactly the tools and information you need to optimize book discoverability and stand out from the pack.

Web Services API and Developer Agreements

To request information on FTP and web service implementation guides, click here.


Data slices help you save time and resources by targeting only the products you need. Most slices are created using BISAC. See Our Slices.


Increase your discoverability with website book reviews. Ingram offers book reviews from top sources such as:
• Publisher's Weekly
• Library Journal
• School Library Journal
• Kirkus

Additional reviews are available via iPage.


From SEO expertise to time-saving curation technology, our metadata and customer book data products are built upon a foundation of success, measured by higher levels of effectiveness.


Time-saving database construction using Flat Text or ONIX

  • Flat Text – Easily create your database by extracting metadata from delimited or fixed width files
  • ONIX Files (Standard or Premium) – Populate your website with descriptive metadata for books and other products

Web Service

Get your metadata on-demand and in real time.

  • Access to our entire database—active and inactive titles
  • Convenient and consistent data maintained by Ingram
  • Perfect for quick retrieval of information based on provided criteria

Point of Sale

Take the guesswork out of managing your in-store inventory

  • Update your POS inventory in real-time
  • Access millions of active and out-of-print titles

For more information contact the recommended service providers: Anthology Software, Basil, Booklog, Celerant, ExtremePOS/Praiz, and IBID.


Your direct line to the most comprehensive and accurate information in the industry.

  • Product metadata from 30,000+ publishers
  • More than 15 million active titles via Ingram’s global book network

We Go Beyond Books

Our commitment to the creation and maintenance of bibliographic and intellectual metadata doesn’t end with print books. We also offer comprehensive metadata services for:

  • Audio
  • Gift and Game
  • DVD and Blu-Ray
  • And countless other products offered

Metadata Essentials

Enhance your metadata with clear and easy-to-implement recommendations from Metadata Essentials: Proven Techniques for Book Marketing and Discovery

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