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More options to help you find the perfect new and used textbooks for every student, every semester, plus buyback programs that keep them coming back for more.

Buy and Sell Used Textbooks

Talk about an extended shelf life. Used textbooks can be cash-making machines if you work with the right partner. Whether you buy them from us or buy them back from students, we offer everything you need to easily master the used textbook market for bigger returns.

Buy Used Textbooks From Ingram

From one semester to the next, curriculums change about as often as undergrads changes their majors. With a huge selection of used textbooks and easy online ordering tools, we help you stay ahead of the game.

  • One simple platform to order all your used textbooks on Ingram ipage®
  • Three different pricing options give you the best deals
  • Combine orders in one shipment to qualify for free freight

Buy Used Textbooks From Ingram

Sell Used Textbooks to Ingram

It’s the great textbook circle of life. You buy textbooks from students. Sell those textbooks to us. Use that textbook cash to buy more used textbooks (or something from here). Sell more used textbooks back to students. Make more money—Come out on top year-in-and-year-out.

Standing Order Programs include:

  • Easily manage all your buybacks through Ingram ipage®
  • Fast payments, plus an additional 20% based on the buyback price of each book
  • Free shipping. We will say it again…free shipping

Used Textbook Resources

If you want to speak with a real live person to alleviate any used textbook doubts you may have here are a few ways to reach out:

  • Contact your Ingram Sales Representative
  • Call our textbook support team at 1 (866) 402-2687
  • Or send them an email,
  • View new titles from specific publishers
  • Receive notification when Ingram makes purchases according to your selections

Download Ingram’s Used Textbook Business Guide.

Looking for a bit more information on how Ingram’s buyback program works? Learn more.

Used Textbook Resources

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