UK Tax Policy

Last Updated: 16 November 2023

Ingram Content Group UK LTD. and Book Network Int'l Limited are UK subsidiaries of Ingram Industries Inc., a privately-owned company incorporated in the United States. This statement is published in accordance with the requirements under Schedule 19 of UK Finance Act 2016 for the calendar year 2023.

Tax risk management/governance arrangements are obtained by adherence to tax laws and regulations. Statutory reports are audited annually. Tax guidance is provided by tax authorities and third-party accounting firms. Governance for filing tax returns/payment of taxes is the responsibility of senior management and the relevant Directors. Tax planning/level of risk is based on commercial substance and worldwide current tax legislation with a low tolerance of tax risk. Independent external advisors are obtained where required and appropriate. Working with HMRC has been limited due to size of UK operations. Responses are accurate and timely.