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Learn everything there is to know about Ingram’s order and account management platform from some of the best teachers around.

Tuesdays with ipage®

What’s Tuesdays with ipage?

A bi-monthly webinar series covering everything ipage, from time-saving ordering tips to exciting platform enhancements to managing new title notifications. Tuesdays with ipage is your best chance to learn first-hand from the people who know ipage front-to-back. It’s their job to make certain the platform meets your every need.

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Mastering ipage:
Beginner Level
February 21, 2023
Every journey has to begin somewhere! If you are new to ipage or even just want a refresher, this level is for you.

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Mastering ipage:
Intermediate Level

April 18, 2023
Ready to take your beginner knowledge up a level or two? Our experts are ready to guide you in the right direction!

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Mastering ipage:
Advanced Level

June 20, 2023
End your journey the right way by successfully becoming a ipage expert in this final, one-hour session.

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ipage Essentials for Christian Wholesale
Available July 18, 2023
Get the answers you need in this short yet informative webinar that will cover everything you need to know about utilizing ipage for Christian Wholesale.

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ipage Quick Tips & Tricks for Holiday Season
Available September 12, 2023
Prep for the holidays in just 20 minutes!

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Social Media Tips for Retail
Available October 24, 2023
In thirty minutes discover how you can have a greater impact on the number one marketing tool: social media.

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office hours

Introducing: ipage Office Hours

Get answers for your most burning questions about ipage straight from our experts in this new, one-hour live session! Simply fill out the form with your questions located on the registration page and attend to hear from the pros.

    (Christian Wholesale Focused)

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