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Public Libraries

Between day-to-day library tasks and coming up with new ways to engage the community you wear a lot of hats. Why not rely on Ingram to do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what matters most.


Don’t let constantly changing curriculums and fast moving information keep you from stimulating your school’s “brain center.” Trust Ingram to connect you with what your students and faculty need.


Public Libraries


Public libraries fulfill a major role in the growth of their communities as a place of life-long learning and engagement. Reaching the community means having all the right content along with everything the today’s patron’s expect. Ingram’s public library services have you covered from pre-publication to shelf.



  • Huge selection of print and audiobook titles
  • Video games and movies
  • Order management and collection development services and programs
  • Knowledgeable customer support and marketing assistance
  • Shelf-ready, cataloging and processing options that meet your requirements

K-12 Libraries

A school’s library or media center is just that – the center of the school. The library is a key component of a school’s success as it supports the curriculum, the teachers, and, most importantly, the students. Being an information specialist, an instructional partner, and a program administrator leaves the school librarian little time to curate content that corresponds to the constantly evolving landscape of education.

Ingram helps relieve that pressure with library services tailored to your needs so you can better serve your school.

  • Vast inventory covering subjects for all grade levels
  • Smarter technology for improved book and audiovisual curation
  • Wide selection of formats that students and teachers require
  • Shelf-ready, cataloging and processing options that meet your requirements

Library Ordering Tools

Get the library materials you need with added speed—because you have many more things to be doing.

It’s true. Time is money. Our ordering system and services not only save you time, but make it easy to find exactly what your patrons want so you don’t waste precious time or budget dollars.


ipage® – a quick and easy-to-use ordering system with custom-built lists for added convenience.


Electronic data interchange (EDI) integrates with your current system.


Street Smart service for early delivery of high-demand titles prior to sales date.


Library Collection Development

Ingram’s team of MLS-degreed librarians provide you with the collection development support you deserve. Our staff is your staff.

  • Standing order and continuations programs
  • Opening day collections
  • Customized selection lists
  • Hand-selected ipage lists

Plus the technology, materials, and programs that make the entire process efficient and effective so you always have the right books and audiovisual materials on hand exactly when you need them.

  • iSelect
  • Review Alerts
  • Catalogs
  • E-Communications
  • The Ingram Wire
  • Edelweiss Analytics

Library Solutions Just As You Wish

For all the time-consuming tasks libraries are faced with on a daily basis, Ingram has all the customizable solutions you could wish for. From cataloging to re-purposing books that haven’t been outside the library in way too long.

Cataloging and Processing

Second to none, our cataloging and processing services are accurate and fast with pinpoint precision consistent with your current collection and workflow.

Edelweiss Analytics

Real-time data from libraries and retailers, plus access to even more vital information to help verify the books on your shelves are the right books for your patrons.

Ingram and Better World Books

Ingram and Better World Books work together to help libraries turn old books into new books. Better World Books can also provide sustainable surplus removal assistance, selling or recycling your weeded materials so nothing goes to waste.

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From authors to publishers, retailers to libraries, manufacturer to printers—if books are your passion, Ingram helps you keep the whole world reading.