Publisher Resources
Publisher Resources

Book Publishing Tools and Resources

We provide easy access to the book publishing tools and resources you need to ensure quick turnarounds on print products that meet your standards and exceed customer expectations.

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Publishing Calculators & Creation Tools

Print and ship calculator

Printing & Shipping
Cost Calculator

Use this to figure print and shipping costs for your books.

book weight and spine width

Weight & Spine Width Calculator

Determine the spine thickness and weight of your book.

how much will I earn selling books

Publisher Compensation Calculator

Forecast how much you will earn using POD services.

cover template

Cover Template

Generate a template for your cover design.

cover creation guide

Cover Creation Guide

Ensure your digital cover file meets all requirements.

book interior

Interior Creation Guide

Create a print-ready and error‑free book interior file.

file creation

File Creation Guide

All the requirements needed to get your book printed.

book trim sizes

Book Trim Sizes

All the book types, bindings, and trim sizes we offer.


Environmental Responsibility

See all the ways we fulfill our responsibility to ensure a sustainable future for the next generation of book lovers.

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product safety

Product Safety

Learn about our Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA) Compliance.

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Resources for Publishers

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ingram complete
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