Prepare Your Content for Success
Content Preparation

Prepare Your Content for Success

Publishing success starts early in the process, and we have tools to help every step of the way.

Reduce Risk and Increase Reach with Print-on-Demand

Finding the perfect print run and managing inventory takes time and comes with risk. Print on demand provides the ability to reduce risk and increase reach, and fit into any publisher’s workflow.

GAP Program

Take advantage of our guaranteed availability program (GAP) to reduce sales gaps while managing your print and warehouse needs.

Short print runs

Minimize risk and warehouse needs by using shorter print runs that can be fulfilled as often as needed and drop-shipped anywhere in the world.


Take full advantage of print on demand and use virtual inventory. Your titles will always be available and can print closer to customers.

Book formats

The Right Book Format for Every Customer, Anywhere

Having what customers want, when they want it, is a key strategy for being prepared. Whether readers are looking for an ebook, hardcover, or audiobook, consumers will purchase their favorite format or what’s immediately available.

We’re a single source for managing all book formats from ebook to print or audio

Programs and tools to easily convert your titles and set up new formats

Direct distribution channels around the world for every format

Easily Manage Files and Assets

Manage all your digital assets, metadata, and direct distributions, with our CoreSource platform, to ensure your content is up-to-date, available, and optimized before your titles go to market.

Whether it’s ebooks, print, or audiobooks we provide flexibility to store, manage and distribute all your files and metadata.

Configurable to meet your business needs with the option for manual or automated control – or use some of both.

Real-time views for troubleshooting supply chain, managing day-to-day workflows, and optimizing your content’s performance.

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