Book Analytics
Publisher Analytics

Less Data Management, More Business Intelligence

Relevant book sales reporting and access to advanced data designed to help grow your business.

Quick Access to Key Reports

Get a quick snapshot and capture book sales insights directly within our Ingram iQ platform dashboard.

Visibility and reporting for both print book, ebook, and audiobook sales

Review invoices, transaction history, and billing statements

Easily export and analyze data with custom date ranges and more


Consumer & Retail Data for Impactful Book Marketing

Save time on data analysis and access more than 70 data points to help focus your book marketing efforts on the most impactful titles.

data insights

Gather insights using data from Amazon’s buy box, bestseller book rankings, and more

reader engagement

Use reader sentiment and engagement across Goodreads, Twitter, and Facebook to identify trends and book advertising opportunities

optimize book visibility

Understand title-level details to help optimize your product pages for improved product visibility

Business Intelligence for Digital Publishing

View book sales from all digital channels across your entire business and drill deep into the details to find more sales opportunities.

Adjust sales data to the currency of your choice for simplified accounting.

Highlight differences in market pricing and territory compliance

Get a global view of digital inventory by retailer

digital business intelligence

Ebook & Asset Distribution Reporting

More than 60 reports to improve your content’s sales performance and simplify your workflow.

Identify errors preventing your titles and files from distributing to available partners

Locate missing book metadata quickly and fix it directly in our platform or through your data feeds

Consolidated, normalized sales reporting across your vendors

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