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Celebrating Independent Bookstore Day!

When you shop at an independent bookstore, you open the door to a personal experience that supports your community and gives you access to great reads. And you become part of the life cycle of a book, taking part in its journey as it shapes your own. 

The Author (Adult) Standing Order Program FAQs

Rachel Montgomery, MLS, Collection Development Librarian, Ingram Library Services 

Let's Talk Gender and Language

Becky Walton, MLS, Collection Development Librarian, Ingram Library Services 

What to Expect with Audiobooks: Part 2

Written by: Robin Erwin, Ingram's Digital Retail Sales Manager
FOMO is real, y'all. Fear of missing out on the boom of audiobooks, fear of missing out on a new audience, fear of missing out on sales. Anytime FOMO appears the best advice is to stop and ask yourself, are you really missing out? The audiobook boom is real. New reporting by the Audio Publishing Association and Edison Research shows the upward trend continues. Yet, the question remains: Does every book need to be audio? Or can every book be audio? 

End-of-Year Library Spending in Dystopian Times

By Ann Lehue, MSIS, Senior Manager, Collection Development, Ingram Library Services
“You’ll never spend the whole budget, so you don’t really need to track it,” said my library coworker when I started purchasing the Adult Nonfiction section. 

The Author (Adult) Standing Order Program: What is it? Who’s in it? How can it save you time?

Rachel Montgomery, MLS, Collection Development Librarian and Kim Collins, Collection Development Administrator 

What a Ride, that Summer Slide

By Gina Molter , MLS, Collection Development Librarian 

3 Ways to Save Money on Library Cataloging and Processing

Tricia Racke Bengel, MLS, Sales & Services Manager, Ingram Library Services
Between collection development and checking a book out, a lot happens.  And, just like everything else, someone has to decide how those things happen in your library.  Perhaps the decision was made over 20 years ago, and no one remembers why. 

How to Boost Your Online Title Sales Today with High Performing Book Descriptions (2020)

The Art and Science of Book Descriptions that Sell 

Gender Nonconformity in Picture Books

By Wendy Rancier, MLS, Children's Collection Development Librarian, Ingram Library Services