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Conquer the book market. From color printing to digital distribution, discover your pathway to more sales in markets worldwide.

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Book Printing Services

Everything you need to get superior quality print books into the hands of more readers with less work on your end.

Print on Demand

Only print books once you’ve sold them. Print books close to your customers; ship them all over the world. One book or 1,000, it makes no difference to us, but all the difference to you —always save on inventory and shipping costs.

Print Formats

Take your choice of a wide range of formats, including paperback, hardback, journals, and more in a variety of trim sizes. The most in-demand print formats, built on-demand with quality materials, all delivered where you need them, when you need them.

Print Solutions

Choose from a wide range of customizable print services specifically designed to meet the challenges of modern-day publishing with speed and agility. Whatever your business model, we have a solution to fit your needs.

Digital Book Services

Keep your e-books close and your metadata closer. Whether you’re converting print books, repurposing digital content, or a self-publisher eager to break into this fast-growing market, CoreSource, along with our global distribution network makes going digital simple.

  • Metadata consolidated on a single platform
  • Digital asset management platform connected to 39,000 retailers and libraries around the globe
  • Efficient custom publishing with Ingram Construct
  • Smart self-publishing with Ingram Spark
  • Distribution to the most widely accessed channels: Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Apple iBook
  • Enhanced e-textbooks—a campus-wide solution and a better learning experience for your students


Printing: check. Shipping: check. Distribution: check. Your content, shipped anywhere in the world, with speed and reliability—that’s full-service publishing from Ingram.

With one of the most expansive and trusted networks in the industry, we make certain your books get there, while saving you money all along the way.

  • Wholesale distribution
  • Global distribution

Publishing Sales and Marketing Services

What does it mean to have the competitive edge in today’s fast-moving publishing landscape? It means getting your customers what they need with speed and accuracy in the formats they want. Ingram publishing sales and marketing services offer all that and more through a passionate sales team and a global distribution network all backed by industry-leading print and digital technology.

Whether it is additional support to help your publishing business reach the next level or full-service marketing and sales management for a complete publishing solution, our top goal is to help you better connect to the reading world.

  • Expert sales representation
  • Account support
  • Market reporting
  • Billing and Collections
  • Third party logistics

Full-Service Distribution

Want to dedicate 100% of your time towards creating the best selection of books on the planet? With an ever-expanding network of partners—domestic and around the globe—Ingram Publisher Services gives you everything you need to optimize your publishing operations, from printing to worldwide distribution. Closer to you. Closer to your customers.

Indie Publishing Made Easy

The same services and tools enjoyed big house publishers, built for the independent publisher. Make the most of your masterpiece with IngramSpark.

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From authors to publishers, retailers to libraries, manufacturers to printers—if books are your passion, Ingram helps you keep the whole world reading.