book inventory management
Inventory Management

Flexibility in Managing Inventory

Facilities and partners around the globe, plus connectivity to one of the largest networks of bookstores, libraries, and online retailers make for a perfect combination of title availability and speed to market.

Always Available and Simple to Setup

Print-on-demand offers flexibility to fit in the most complicated inventory models, helping to simplify workflows and reduce risks and overall expenses.

book catalog

Maintain a deeper backlist catalog by maintaining virtual inventory

short print runs

Reduce warehouse needs by printing smaller print runs more frequently

drop ship books

Eliminate restock issues by drop-shipping directly to retailers


Maintain in-stock availability and fill orders during reprints

Managed Inventory & Logistics

Move low volume titles or outsource fulfillment of your entire inventory. We offer customized solutions for every workflow

Millions of square footage in warehouse space and facilities around the globe

Availability to more than 40,000 bookstore, libraries, and online retailers

Real-time views for troubleshooting supply chain problems, managing day-to-day workflows, and optimizing your book’s performance.

book logistics
book distribution

Full-Service Distribution With Ingram

Qualifying publishers can take advantage of one of the largest, most reliable distribution networks and access the industry’s leading ebook and print-on-demand technologies.

Customizable to meet any publishers workflow

Extensive market access and a global network of sales representatives

Availability to all of Ingram’s products and services for print-on-demand

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