Collection Development

Save your staff time and build quality collections with Ingram’s curation services. The People: MLS-degreed librarians and paraprofessionals. The Services: An extensive menu of options, tailored to fit your tastes. From Standing Order Programs to customized lists.

Across the world Ingram’s curation services filter out the best content from the rest, so librarians can spend more time getting to know their communities for a better informed idea of what patrons want most.

Complimentary Curation

Every Ingram customer is welcome to enjoy our full catalog of complimentary curation services.

  • Cut to the chase with 22 time-saving Standing Order Programs that cover all your bases: age groups, genres, authors, illustrators, series, serials, popularity, and many more
  • Collaborate with us on custom planning, budgeting, and list creation for Opening Day Collections that go off without a hitch
  • Prefer DIY collection development? That’s fine. Let us give you a hand via ipage® to ensure there is something for every patron and special occasion
  • A vast array of selection lists at your fingertips designed to support everything you do to keep your community reading year-round

Standing Order Programs

We offer a wide range of Standing Order Programs that help librarians knock out broader collection tasks so you can fine-tune where needed. These programs are arranged to provide you with the latest and greatest without so much as lifting a finger—all with zero commitment.

  • Full integration with the industry’s leading ordering system, ipage
  • All Standing Order Programs are complimentary for Ingram customers
  • Choose between Automatic Shipment or Notification Only

Standing Order Programs

Curated Lists

Like the freshest books? So do we. These lists are hand-selected by our librarians and offered to you at no additional charge through ipage.

Download, edit, and order from a wide selection of seasonal and topical lists on a variety of subjects for all readers. Featured lists include:

  • High-Interest Title Selections (HITS) – Adult & Youth
  • Replenishment by Dewey® – Adult & Youth
  • Adult / YA Crossovers
  • Graphic Novel Resources
  • Popular and Upcoming Audiobooks
  • Video New Releases

Opening Day Collections

All the content and the tools to access it, along with help from smart people who can make sure it is done right. What else do you need to start your library down the road to success?

Our shelf-ready services take the pressure off you and include storage and shipment in Rough or Strict Dewey® Sort. So when patrons start to beat a path to your door (‘cause we know they will), you will be prepared.

Opening Day Collections


Ingram's comprehensive family of print and electronic trade catalogs showcases forthcoming and recently-published titles in an attractive, easy-to-follow layout.

Our catalogs also feature relevant and timely editorial content including author interviews, merchandising tips, and product news to help librarians stay current on industry trends


E-newsletters from Ingram provide libraries with useful information on industry trends and upcoming new releases in the form of brief, concise updates that allow you to stay current and maintain an active, competitive inventory.

Themes include, but are not limited to:

  • African American Interest
  • Collection Development
  • Adult and Youth News & Reviews
  • Professional Bookshelf

Only the news you need to keep you in the library loop.


Custom Curation

For those times when a little something extra is all you need, our hands-on custom curation service gives you more control and flexibility to keep your ongoing collection efforts on track, no matter what.

Selection lists made your way, delivered to you as often as you like, to your exact specifications.

  • Hand-prepared lists created with pinpoint precision by MLS-degreed librarians, each an expert in their category
  • Tuned to work with your ordering processes, including de-duplication across Standing Order Programs and firm ordering
  • Change things up whenever you want. It’s OK, we’re flexible and do our best to work with you
  • Ingram’s inventory is deep and wide; use it to maximize your library staff’s time
  • Priced according to what you need and nothing more

How it works

  1. Contact our Collection Development team and we will schedule a time to discuss your specific needs. Email
  2. After our discussion, you’ll receive a proposal outline along with a workflow calendar
  3. Make any adjustments needed and sign a non-binding agreement
  4. To make sure we are on target, your first few lists are free of charge
  5. Scheduled quarterly reviews ensure we continue meeting your needs
  6. Make changes or stop service at any time; just give us a call

You Choose

  • Parameters and size
  • Frequency and delivery
  • Subject and ages
  • Duration

Endless options to fit all your custom collection needs!

Collection Management Made Easy

Compare real-time data from libraries and retailers to what’s on your shelves to get a better picture of what people want to read.

  • See what other libraries have on-hand
  • Get information on titles not yet available
  • Pre-publication digital galleys delivered upon request
  • Go from searching to ordering in the click of a button with ipage
  • Tons of actionable data to guide your decision making

Start choosing the perfect books today. Your patrons will thank you.

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Collection Management Made Easy

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