iCurate Coming Soon: A Time-Saving Tool for Busy Librarians

February 3, 2023
iCurate Coming Soon: A Time-Saving Tool for Busy Librarians

By: Beth Reinker, MSLS, Manager, Collection Development Curation

Staff at libraries across the country report one growing trend—library staff is stretched thinner and thinner. Librarians’ lists of responsibilities continue to grow, but staffing does not. If you find yourself wearing more hats than ever before, iCurate® Coming Soon may be the time-saving tool that you need to streamline your collection development work.

iCurate Coming Soon is a subscription service that allows your library to receive monthly librarian-curated lists of new and forthcoming titles for your collection. These balanced lists are broken into age and collection to match most libraries’ collection needs, and the selection lists are a convenient way for libraries to identify and order new titles for their collections from the hot bestsellers to the harder-to-find subjects that all libraries will need to carry in their collections.  

Your iCurate Coming Soon lists aren’t based on an algorithm or pre-set query. They are selected for libraries across the country by our team of MLS-degreed Collection Development librarians, all of whom have worked as selectors in libraries prior to joining the Ingram team. In addition to that experience, we also have strong working relationships with publishers and have over 200 publisher meetings per year to learn about the best new and forthcoming titles.  

iCurate Coming Soon lists are created factoring in Ingram sales data, publisher buzz, reviews (when available), and our librarians’ years of selection experience. Rather than searching catalogs, journals, blogs, and more, iCurate Coming Soon subscribers can let our team do the legwork to pull together the titles you need.  

Monthly lists come in three sizes, and list sizes can be mixed and matched by collection based on your library’s needs. You could choose the Small list for every collection if you want, or you could opt for the Medium Adult Fiction list and the Small Board Book list if that is what works for you. It’s entirely up to you.

Because we know that duplication is a concern for every selector, iCurate Coming Soon comes with an exclusive enhanced deduplication tool that will allow you to see titles in your ipage selection lists or your holdings (if your library submits holdings) and easily remove duplicates from your lists.  

The annual fee for iCurate Coming Soon is $775 per age range (Adult, Teen, or Children’s), or you can bundle all three age ranges for $2,100 per year.  

Our lists are the support that your team needs to find the titles your patrons will want. From there, your selectors can focus on the thing that you know best—your community’s needs and preferences—to select and order the titles that you want for your community. Together, we can build your best collection.

To learn more about iCurate Coming Soon, reach out to your Ingram Library Services Sales rep or schedule a demo. Ready to subscribe? Visit the subscription page in ipage to get started.  

iCurate Coming Soon: A Time-Saving Tool for Busy Librarians

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