End of Year Spending for Challenging Times

April 28, 2023
Ann Lehue, MSIS
End of Year Spending for Challenging Times

Although it seems like we just finished Halloween, we are heading toward summer, which means that the end-of-year spend has caught many of us by surprise. Whether you have spent the past year chasing down titles caught in the supply chain, dealing with book challenges, or trying to figure out if you should wear a tank top, cardigan, or coat to keep up with the weather each day, Ingram has solutions for quick spending.

Make future spending easy and avoid gaps and duplication with an iCurate Coming Soon subscription

One way to avoid future gaps and save time is by subscribing to iCurate Coming Soon and receiving monthly hand-selected lists of forthcoming titles over the next 12 months. Featuring far more than simply the bestsellers, this annual subscription offers three size options by category so you can efficiently maintain a relevant collection. You can subscribe to Adult, Children’s, and/or Teen lists in either small, medium, or large—there is no price difference between sizes, and you can mix-and-match. The subscription is $775 per year for each age group, or you can subscribe to all three for $2,100. This will bill on the first of the month after subscribing.  

Your enrollment includes a bonus easy-deduping feature that removes EANs that you hold, have on order, or have in another list already. Simply click on the left filter bar and select the duplicates that you want to include or exclude:

This feature is good across ipage, not just within the Coming Soon lists.

To get started, click on Curated Lists>iCurate Coming Soon/Get Started and follow the instructions. You will be billed and receive your first set of lists on the first of the month. The lists include a catch-up list of all the titles that have run on the program that have not yet published, which will help fill in those gaps and year-end spending.

Quickly identify and fill diversity gaps with an iCurate® inClusive or iCurate inCremental purchase

Books offer children and adults mirrors to see themselves in what they are reading, and windows to see others (Rudine Bishop). According to School Library Journal, almost 95% of librarians agree that having a diverse collection is either important or very important.

With iCurate inClusive, a library purchases a one-time assessment of the diversity of their holdings, they email their holdings EANS to Ingram, and within two weeks, they receive eye-catching reporting on the diversity of their collection for their library board or funding agency, along with easily shoppable lists of the diverse titles that are most popular in public libraries.

Our Collection Development librarians have been marking diverse title distinctions in our databases as we work titles that feed in from publishers every day for more than 15 years so that we can identify as many high-quality diverse titles as possible, both when providing this service and when creating lists and projects. We are careful to avoid stereotypes, tropes, and negative portrayals so that you can quickly fill in any gaps without worrying about content that would hurt the marginalized groups you are serving.

The purchase, which can be billed before the end of the fiscal year, regardless of when you are ready to complete the project, comes with the following:

  • More than 60 charts and graphs showing the diversity of your collection compared to the average public library to provide context in each subject area, age range, and overall collection, including the following diversity categories: 

inClusive Categories

Asian Interest

Mental Health

Black Interest

Middle Eastern Interest

Indigenous Interest


Jewish Interest

Muslim Interest

Latinx Interest

Neuro & Physical Diversity

LGBTQIA+ Interest


  • Diversity categories are based on interest and content rather than solely on author identification, which is not always readily available, accurate, or discernable. 


  • Excel spreadsheet that can be edited, filtered, sorted, and duplicated with 24 subject breakouts that includes number of diverse titles currently in your collection in each diversity category.

  • Shoppable lists of the inclusive titles that are most popular in public libraries, with your holdings (title/author match) and the diversity codes marked, to facilitate filling in any gaps identified so that you can take immediate action:

All this reporting and the lists of diverse titles will arrive in two weeks rather than over a period of months or years and will save possibly hundreds of hours of payroll time. It will also allow libraries to quickly fill in gaps before the end of the fiscal year so that their communities benefit almost immediately. The $4,200 one-time fee for All Ages or $1,500 each forAdult, Children’s, or Teen can be billed within days to make sure you are invoiced by your rollover date.

If you have already purchased and received an iCurate inClusive report and shopping lists, you can measure your growth with iCurate inCremental, the follow-up report. This slideshow compares your past results, current results, and the average public library and is $3,300 for the All-Ages bundle without new shopping lists, or $4,200 with new shopping lists. The inCremental libraries have shown growth ranging from 20 to 60 percentiles, which is remarkable.

Fill gaps and spend your budget with an iCurate Core Gap Analysis purchase

Libraries with gaps already or who want to do a gap analysis on their collection while they have some end-of-year funds may want to address this need by purchasing iCurate Core. Sometimes budgets get temporarily slashed; libraries are closed for an extended period; they lose a selector and can’t catch up; or a librarian retires, and the library discovers that they have only been buying their favorite authors or section. Sometimes a new person takes over a collection and simply wants to know where to start.

Ingram’s Collection Development librarians have all worked in public libraries and have struggled with these issues first-hand. The iCurate Core: Essential Collection Gap Analysis for the public library allows a library to rebalance their complete print collection with a one-time suite of lists of essential titles that they are currently missing – whether classics, evergreen standards, or new releases. We compare your holdings (author/title match) to the lists to let you know which titles you do not currently own.

These lists provide a starting place to show which essential and currently popular titles are missing so that you do not have to spend weeks or months analyzing the collection and searching for replacement titles to order. They can also be used after weeding to replace essential items that got pulled because of condition. Each set of lists (Adult,Teen, Children’s) costs $1,000… get all three for $2,800. We can bill the next first of the month, or sooner if needed for fiscal year purposes.

Spend your budget with a Proforma Invoice

Many libraries can put a specific amount of money on their accounts for future spending—called a proforma invoice. This is a great way to pay now to avoid losing 2022-2023 funds and to order titles later when you have more time and things have sped up in the supply chain, or to supplement an upcoming budget cut. If you are interested in a proforma invoice, contact your sales rep to get started.


Spend your budget with iCurate Complimentary: Hand-curated ipage lists

iCurate Complimentary includes thousands of hand-selected lists available without charge to customers on ipage in the Curated Lists tab. These lists are broken down into Adult, Children’s, Teen, Audiovisual, Award &Noteworthy, and K12 and are updated regularly: weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually, depending on type of list.

Because we have the best inventory in the business, we can fill your orders in a timely manner to meet your end-of-year budgeting needs.

Our lists receive tens of thousands of views and downloads each month and include High Interest Title Selections(HITS) of the most anticipated forthcoming titles in each area, TopTitles Lists to help fill in gaps after weeding or during regular maintenance, and much more. Our Virtual Book Display sections feature trending and timely topics, such as Cozy Science Fiction and Fantasy and Children Dealing with Loss and Grief, while our Subject Lists feature regularly updated topics always of interest, such as HomeschoolingEnvironmentalismIn the NewsMovie/TV Adaptions, and many more. For those preparing for summer reading, we have posted lists for Summer Reading 2023 under Adult, Children’s, and Teen.

We recognize the need for more diverse books and create regularly updated lists of diverse titles, such as Asian InterestBlack InterestDiverseFamiliesIncome InequalityIndigenous InterestLatinx InterestLGBTQIA+ InterestMental HealthMiddle Eastern InterestSerious IllnessSocial Emotional LearningSpanish Language Books, and Special Needs.

For customers who like to find titles serendipitously in ipage and are in a hurry, we have created an “Expertly Curated” icon that appears under a title in your Search Results or Selection Lists that indicates that a title is in one or more of our Curated Lists. Within the title detail page, you can view the lists that the title appears on and click straight into any of the featured lists. So if you were interested in the book Little You because you were looking for Indigenous Peoples Board Books, you could click straight into the Indigenous Peoples Board Books Curated List and instantly find several other quality titles.

If you need to receive titles by the end of your fiscal year, you can sort the lists by availability and order those showing in stock at your primary and/or secondary warehouse.

Have questions? We are here to help! To set up an individual session to chat with your sales rep, click HERE. In challenging times, libraries are beacons of light, and we are here for you.

End of Year Spending for Challenging Times
Ann Lehue, MSIS

Ann Lehue, MSIS

Senior Manager, Collection Development

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