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Consortium Announces Four New Publishers For Distribution

June 26, 2023

MINNEAPOLIS, MINN (June 26, 2023) – Consortium® Book Sales & Distribution, an Ingram Publisher Services brand, announces four new publishers for the fall 2023 season: Learning Roots, Our World My Roots, Trigger Publishing and Young Authors. Learning Roots is already active, the remaining publishers began sales and distribution with Consortium on June 1, 2023.

“We’re delighted to welcome these four diverse publishers to our list and look forward to helping them grow and thrive,” said Julie Schaper, Vice President, Ingram Publishing Services – Consortium.

Learning Roots is a leading international publisher of creative Islamic educational resources that was developed to help parents raise great Muslim children. To date, Learning Roots has created over 50 resources including the Kiitab, a digital device that helps young readers learn the Arabic language. Select titles for the fall season include The Amazing Muslim World by Zaheer Rhatri and Way to Jannah by Yasmin Mussa.  

Our World My Roots creates culture-rich, informative, and engaging nonfiction books for kids. Each book embarks on an exciting adventure in a different country, that explores geography, people, traditions, and culture. For every book sold Our World My Roots donates a percentage of the proceeds to a fund which supports charities in each respective country. Key titles for the fall season include four books by Anna Makanda Ghana; Jamaica; Nigeria; and Zimbabwe.

Trigger Publishing, established in 2017, creates bibliotherapy resources to support mental health recovery. In providing bibliotherapy—the lived experiences of real people—their books increase confidence and hope for people starting this journey and illuminate a clear trajectory to recovery and beyond. Select fall titles include The Smart Girls Handbook: How to Silence Self-doubt, Find Your Purpose and Redefine the Impossible by Scarlet V Clark and Stress Less: Mindfullness for Teenagers (By a Teen for Teens) by Adam Avin.

Young Authors Publishing exists to share fiction and nonfiction works written by BIPOC writers and communities. Championing narratives that reflect the world's complexities, Young Authors creates space for underrepresented voices to share their own stories on their own terms through projects that celebrate the uniqueness of the human experience. Key titles for fall include Not Too Anything by 11-year-old Pepper Persley, and the Kinfolk Meditation Deck created by the Aya Paper Company.

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