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Indie Author Data Collaboration Aims to Enhance Understanding of Relationship Between Indie Authors and Public Libraries

November 15, 2023

Indie Author Project (IAP) and Ingram Library Services, a division of Ingram Content Group (“Ingram”), are proud to announce their joint initiative aimed at gaining deeper insights into the direct connections between independent authors and public libraries in the United States and Canada. This ambitious project comes at a pivotal moment when public libraries are increasingly keen on fostering mutually beneficial relationships with their local creative communities, particularly independent authors.

The recent debut of the Apple+ series “Silo”, based on the Silo Trilogy by Hugh Howey, has thrust into the spotlight the remarkable journeys undertaken by authors who embark on self-publishing ventures. Mr. Howey, whose works have now been translated into 40 languages, serves as Executive Producer on one of the most acclaimed streaming shows of 2023 and has his Silo series currently published by William Morrow & Co. (a division of HarperCollins). However, his work was initially self-published and had sold millions of copies before catching the attention of traditional publishing and later Hollywood. Despite this remarkable consumer acclaim, his books are held by relatively few libraries in WorldCat, underscoring the existing gaps in public library collections when it comes to discovering authors who initially self-publish.

Nonprofit initiatives such as the Indie Author Project (IAP) and companies like Ingram have facilitated independent authors’ access to both library patrons and the consumer ebook market. Nevertheless, significant challenges persist in integrating public libraries into independent authors’ journey, growth, and triumph. The collaborating partners are confident that this endeavor will provide valuable insights to help better serve authors, publishers, and libraries.

Over the past few years, indie authors have made incredible strides in helping libraries deliver a more sustainable and simple library-driven ebook experience. And to help our local California authors earn more royalties from library sales means libraries are directly impacting the local economy,” said Paula McKinnon of Califa, a statewide library consortium in California that was an early adopter of the Indie Author Project.

“Ingram has a long history of fostering independent publishing and has become libraries’ preferred vendor for titles from diverse voices. This survey will enable us to gain a comprehensive understanding of the landscape and collaborate effectively to help libraries source books from local authors,” added Carolyn Morris, VP of Ingram Library Services.

The Indie Author Project was established over a decade ago and currently operates under Lyrasis, a nonprofit member-driven organization.

“Over the past decade, we have cultivated a thriving community of authors and libraries, facilitating the inclusion of more than 20,000 indie books by local authors in public libraries. By working closely with industry curators, we have identified the highest-quality books and elevated these works to find new readers as part of the IAP Select and BookLife Elite programs. When we launched the IAP Data Collaboration two years ago, our mission was to track data showcasing the impact of local community engagement programs like these on royalties, discovery, and other vital aspects of a robust book ecosystem. We have witnessed firsthand how libraries can effectively engage with their local writing communities and serve as a powerful discovery platform for both authors and traditional publishers. We remain dedicated to this mission and eagerly anticipate collaborating with industry partners to gain deeper insights into the challenges we must address as this momentum continues to build,” Nash Steele, a representative from the Indie Author Project added.

The collaborators are actively working with industry partners to ensure broad distribution of the survey and welcome all interested parties to participate. The data findings will be published next year as part of the comprehensive IAP Data Collaboration.

The survey is accessible to indie authors and libraries at the following URL:


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