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Ingram Content Group Launches New Print-On-Demand Distribution Network

August 28, 2023

NASHVILLE, TENN (August 28, 2023) - Ingram Content Group (“Ingram”) announced today the launch of their newest addition to their print-on-demand distribution network in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. Chambersburg has long been the hub of east coast distribution for Ingram, and with the launch of the print-on-demand facility it is now a combined print, wholesale, and distribution service center. Along with state-of-the-art print-on-demand capability in Chambersburg, Ingram has also invested in large-scale automation at this important hub to better meet the print and distribution needs of booksellers, librarians, and publishers.

Ingram is pleased to note that the first book off the print line to serve a wholesale customer was Ashley Brown’s “Serving Herself: The Life and Times of Althea Gibson” published by Oxford University Press. "Given her trailblazing life, it seems entirely appropriate that Althea Gibson would even now continue to set precedents in the form of the inauguration of this new facility with the printing of “Serving Herself,” Ashley Brown's acclaimed biography of the tennis great," said Niko Pfund, President, OUP USA.

“The Covenant of Water” by Abraham Verghese and published by Grove Atlantic is the first hardcover produced in the new Chambersburg facility. Said Morgan Entrekin, CEO and Publisher of Grove Atlantic, “We are pleased to partner with Ingram as they expand their industry-leading digital printing program. The quality of these print-on-demand editions is impressive, and it is great to be able to get books with strong demand to customers faster.”

Shawn Everson, Ingram’s Chief Logistics Officer, said, “Our long-term strategic vision of co-locating fast print-on-demand services with state-of-the-art, automated, book distribution is coming true. We are proud of our Chambersburg team for bringing this vision to completion and are grateful to both Oxford University Press and Grove Atlantic for their partnership in finding new and better ways to serve customers.”

The co-located Chambersburg facility is now an even more important part of Ingram’s global print distribution network which includes integrated operations in the UK and Australia, joint ventures for print distribution in France and the UAE, and an extensive global network of distribution from our Global Connect relationships. For Ingram’s retail and library customers, this means millions more books will be available more quickly and efficiently. For publishers, it is a sustainable, integrated inventory solution that improves availability and increases speed to market.

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The first book printed, "Serving Herself."
The first hardcover book printed at the facility, "The Covenant of Water".
An exterior shot of the Chambersburg facility