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Ingram Library Services Receives Platinum in 2022 Modern Library Awards From LibraryWorks

January 18, 2022

Nashville, TN (January 18, 2022) – iCurate® inClusive received the top award placement from LibraryWorks in its eighth annual Modern Library Awards (MLAs). This collection development tool from Ingram Content Group’s Library Services business aids in increasing the inclusiveness of library collections across the country. A series of experienced judges ranked the tool regarding functionality, value, customer service and more, and it was awarded a Platinum level distinction this year.

The MLAs were created to recognize the top products and services in the library industry in a truly unbiased format. “It’s no surprise that iCurate® inClusive received a platinum award in the MLAs,” said Jenny Newman, publisher and MLA program manager. “It has been a staple for any library that is looking to improve the diversity in its collections since it entered the market.”  

iCurate® inClusive launched in April 2021 and has been utilized in libraries across the country. The tool’s unique data-driven approach assists libraries in analyzing the inclusivity of their collections compared to the typical public library and provides shopping lists to help quickly fill in the gaps of diverse titles to improve their children, teen and adult print collections. Manual diversity audits typically take 1 to 3 years; iCurate® inClusive is delivered in just two weeks. Inclusive categories include Asian interest, Black interest, Indigenous interest, Jewish interest, Latinx interest, LGBTQIA+ interest, mental health, Middle Eastern interest, multicultural, Muslim interest and neuro and physical diversity. Users receive comprehensive, turnkey reports broken out by age, subject and inClusive category to more easily see the inclusiveness of their collection and present it to board members, their community and their funding agencies. Libraries can also utilize iCurate® inClusive’s shoppable lists with their current holdings marked to fill the diversity gaps in their collections.

“Libraries are the gateway to knowledge for communities; therefore, providing a diverse collection is key to the education, interest and enlightenment of all the people in the community served,” said Pamela Smith, Ingram Library Services’ Vice President and General Manager. “iCurate® inClusive works to promote empathy, understanding and self-confidence in lifelong readers through inclusive titles. It also aims to help librarians spend their budget intentionally to fill the gaps in their collections.”

Ingram Library Services recently debuted iCurate® inClusive for Schools, providing the same type of reporting and diverse title lists for K12 schools and systems, including Elementary/Primary School, Middle/Junior High School and Secondary/High School, as well as a K12 option and an overall system option. Public Libraries that have already received their iCurate® inClusive reports and lists can purchase iCurate® inClusive inCremental, a follow-up report that shows their previous and current results compared to the average public library for context to provide a concrete measure of their collection’s increased inclusiveness.

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