Innovative Indie Publishers Honored with IngramSpark Ignite Awards


Nashville, Tenn. – Ingram Content Group announces the honorees of their inaugural IngramSpark® “Ignite” awards. These awards honor booksellers, publishers and libraries that exhibited outstanding indie publishing best practices in 2017.

“As the publishing landscape changes, we’ve seen non-traditional publishers make strides in the quality and success of their content across the world,” said Robin Cutler, Director of IngramSpark, an award-winning self-publishing platform. “We’re inspired by their contribution to influence the publishing industry. We knew it was time to recognize these individuals and organizations for their achievements.”

Indie leaders were recognized in three categories: “Best Practices in Indie Publishing” for publishers who demonstrate great models of publishing standards, “Best Practices in Community Engagement” for bookstores and libraries providing exceptional support to their indie author communities, and “Rising Star” for new Indie authors in 2017 who displayed savvy approaches to content creation, marketing, and distribution in the industry.

Winners received prize money to further their success in the book industry in 2018. “Our team has been so impressed with the way these individuals have exhibited the very best in publishing practices – whether through the quality of their content or engaging with readers and authors in their communities, they are taking the literary world by storm,” said Cutler.

Best Practices in Indie Publishing

Koehler Books (Virginia Beach, VA)—Winner

Best-selling indie publications include: ALL IN by Bill Green, Gradle Bird by Jana Sasser and Adderall Blues by Brian Robinson

Three Saints Press (Los Angeles, Calif.)—Runner-up

Most notable title from 2017: All New Things by Lauren Miller

Best Practices in Community Engagement


Village Books (Bellingham, Wash.)

Politics & Prose, Inc. (Washington, DC)


Mid-Continent Public Library (Independence, MO)

Williamson County Public Library (Franklin, TN)

Rising Star

39 Stars (Austin, TX)

Best-selling 2017 title: Shrouded: A Crispin Leads Mystery by Meredith Lee

Hastings Bay Capital LLC (Mechanicsville, VA)

Best-selling 2017 title: Money Grab by Frances Aylor

“Mid-Continent Public Library is very humbled and honored to be among the first recipients of the IngramSpark Ignite award. We strongly believe that public libraries are ideally positioned to help people share their stories with their neighbors,” said Steven Potter, Library Director and C.E.O. at Mid-Continent Public Library. “Being able to bring those stories to life using the services of IngramSpark has opened a universe of opportunities for us and for our community of storytellers.”

As for what’s next in the industry? “When I finished my first book, Bipolar by Koehler, back in 2005, I had to figure out the editing and design, and I needed help with the printing and distribution. The entire process was deeply personal. It was my baby, and I needed it done well. Publishing is still personal today, as Koehler Books helps other writers along their publishing journey,” said John Koehler, President and Publisher at Koehler Books. “Looking ahead, I see innovations in technology, harnessed to make the publishing experience personal, easy, and rewarding. I see more direct links between booksellers, publishers, and readers—a link that will make the entire experience even more personal.”

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