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TA-DA! Language Productions Announces Multi-Year Agreement with Ingram Content Group

October 20, 2020

LOS ALTOS, Calif. ––Despite the 2020 interruption to school systems and the economic downturn, emerging businesses in ed tech have begun to scale to meet the growing demand in children’s learning resources. In Spring 2021, Two Rivers Distribution®, an Ingram Publisher Services brand, will begin global sales and distribution for Silicon Valley startup TA-DA! ™ Language Productions.

With school closures and the rise of distance learning and homeschooling, the demand for children’s learning resources has soared. According to NPD BookScan, children’s educational book sales experienced continuous growth with the start of the new school year. Between June 21 and August 8, 2020, children’s activity book sales grew 458%, homeschooling books grew 144%, and sales for language arts increased by 117%. This growth was partly due to families adapting to the learning-from-home and also reflected a trend of growing parental pursuit for early literacy and language development for their children.

TA-DA!’s creations began long before the pandemic took place. The company has focused on bringing languages, music, and cultures to kids aged 0 - 14 through innovative paper electronic technology since 2018. Their interactive books allow images on ordinary paper come to life in a rich soundscape upon a light touch. The sales and distribution agreement with Two Rivers Distribution covers TA-DA!’s debut development of 15 talking books in five languages and the “app in a book” talking dictionary.


“It is an honor to work alongside TA-DA! in support of their mission to inspire children to explore language, culture and music. Together, we can get their beautiful and interactive content to young readers all over the globe,” said Sabrina McCarthy, vice president and general manager, Two Rivers Distribution.

“It's such an encouragement to have a partner who sees, understands, and believes in our mission to bring languages and cultures to children,” says Michelle Glorieux, CEO and founder of TA-DA! Language Productions. “We hope our books to be a great tool for children worldwide to have access to diverse languages and cultures - especially now with distance and remote learning still being in place in school systems, where children may not be having the daily classroom learning benefits of a normal school year. I'm thrilled to have the strength of Ingram in our corner as we grow as a company."

Besides working on original artwork, music, and publishing 16 “talking” books, the company has been busy securing sales contracts and building partnerships with top educational and cultural institutions worldwide.

TA-DA!’s initial 16 “talking” books voiced by native speakers in English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, German and French will be debuting in 2021. 

About TA-DA! Language Productions:

TA-DA! ( was created to inspire children to explore the magic of language. TA-DA! believes language learning for children should be immersive and fun. Children should have a way to interact with native speakers no matter what languages their family speak; they should be able to embark as early as possible; and it should be accessible without screens in the early years. TA-DA! magically weaves paper technology, art, words, storytelling, music, and sound for children ages 0-14+ to bring native speakers to children so that they may learn languages & culture in a fun new way.

About Ingram Content Group:

The world is reading and Ingram Content Group® (“Ingram”) connects people with content in all forms. Providing comprehensive services for publishers, retailers, libraries and educators, Ingram makes these services seamless and accessible through technology, innovation and creativity. With an expansive global network of offices and facilities, Ingram’s services include digital and physical book distribution, print on demand, and digital learning. Ingram Content Group is a part of Ingram Industries Inc. and includes Ingram Book Group LLC, Ingram Publisher Services LLC, Lightning Source LLC, Vital Source Technologies LLC, Ingram Library Services LLC, and Tennessee Book Company LLC.

Contact: Cathy Li