Introducing Ingram iD: Unlocking the Power of Targeted Book Advertising

July 10, 2023
Introducing Ingram iD: Unlocking the Power of Targeted Book Advertising

In today's crowded publishing landscape, standing out and reaching your target audience can be challenging. Ingram iD was purposefully created to provide a powerful solution to this problem for publishers, authors, and book marketers. 

This innovative ad platform has three primary focuses: 

  • Helping you break through the noise of competing booksellers 
  • Making your messaging and ad placements more targeted
  • Connecting with readers within their online communities

With Ingram iD, you'll have the tools and resources needed to connect your books with their ideal readership, making your marketing efforts more targeted and impactful.

How Ingram iD Works

With an Ingram iD account, you'll have access to exclusive audiences we refer to as verified readers. These consumers are sourced from our Ingram-partnered platforms that are wildly known across the industry and then grouped into genre segments for highly targeted advertising.

Our Lineup of Ingram Partnered Platforms:

  • Bookfinity is a book discovery site that offers personalized recommendations based on a reader's unique reader type. Whether you're a romance enthusiast or a mystery aficionado, taking their personality quiz will unlock tailored book suggestions.

  • Shelf Savvy takes your preferred book genres and formats and delivers handpicked deals that match a consumer's reading preferences. It's a one-stop destination for enticing offers across print, trade, and ebooks.

  • Page & Pairing is a biweekly newsletter combining curated book content, handpicked wine recommendations, and delightful food pairings with recipes. It even features an online book club.

  • Little Infinite is one of the largest poetry and lifestyle websites. It caters to classic and contemporary poetry lovers, with a growing focus on romance. This platform provides a great opportunity to reach passionate romance readers.

In total, our community holds around 2.9 million subscribers, with millions more engaged through web and social extensions. These verified readers are exclusive to Ingram, providing a unique and valuable opportunity to connect with consumers across Facebook, and Google who have already shown interest in your books.

What Makes a Reader a Verified Reader?

Verified readers are engaged consumers who form the basis of our first-party audiences in Ingram iD. Through their direct engagement with related content and actions taken on our sites and partner platforms, we have gained valuable insights into their reading preferences and book-buying habits.

For example, our first-party audience for true crime readers consists of individuals who have demonstrated a genuine interest in this genre, ensuring that your ads reach a refined and receptive audience.

Ingram iD offers 50 distinct consumer segments derived from this wealth of information, and we continue to grow and refine these verified reader catalogs regularly.  

Now that you have a deeper understanding of who our verified readers are, where they come from, and why they are essential, let's delve into the intricacies of the Ingram iD platform itself.  

Get Your Book Discovered with Ingram iD!

When you start a campaign in Ingram iD, you can tailor your ads directly to readers who have already shown interest in your books across platforms such as Facebook, and Google.

Ingram iD also provides:

  • Keyword Recommendations: This ad platform provides strong keywords that match your content and empowers your titles to maximize their visibility across different online platforms.

  • Real-time Reporting: Gain immediate insights into the performance of your ads and the flexibility to make data-driven decisions to help boost your book's outreach and sales.

To demonstrate a glimpse of the platform's functionality, we'll guide you through the step-by-step process of building an ad on Ingram iD, giving you practical insights and tips along the way.

                                                                 Quick Demo

Driving Success: Real Examples and Tips for Effective Campaigns 

When creating a successful advertising campaign, being specific about your goals is crucial. Yes, selling books is the ultimate objective, but breaking down that macro goal into micro steps is the key to optimization. You can fine-tune your strategies by identifying incremental goals to achieve the desired results.

Ingram iD Case Study: Virtual Event

Let's look at a recent campaign by the PEN/Faulkner organization, which utilized Ingram iD and our Page & Pairing newsletter. Their specific goal was to promote a virtual event featuring authors in conversation. By leveraging our first-party audience targeting, they achieved great results. With nearly 2,000 clicks on their ads, they spent significantly less than they would have without using a targeted audience.

Consider this campaign's cost per click (CPC), which is only 51 cents. To put that into perspective, the average CPC for Facebook across industries is about 94 cents, while for Google Display, it's around 63 cents. The PEN/Faulkner organization's CPC of 25 cents for Google Display ads demonstrates the power of effective targeting and strategic platform selection.

Our Page & Pairing newsletter has an engaged readership, with subscribers typically reading at least 30 books a year. The campaign's impressive 48% click-to-open rate surpasses the industry average of 30-35%. This success can be attributed to precise targeting, strategic messaging, and carefully considering the desired goals.

Book time to speak with one of our consumer marketing experts and learn how you can leverage Ingram iD to boost your advertising strategy & ask questions!

Introducing Ingram iD: Unlocking the Power of Targeted Book Advertising

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