Author Q&A with Toni Hammersley

March 7, 2016
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Author Q&A with Toni Hammersley

Have you ever wished you had the time and tools to organize your house in a clutter-free, design-conscious, Pinterest-worthy way? From storage solutions and cleaning tips to secret space-saving methods and expert strategies, The Complete Book of Home Organization is packed with the tips and shortcuts you need to effectively organize your home.

From small spaces and apartment solutions to how to tackle a big, messy home with a 15-week total home organization challenge, this book covers it all. The Complete Book of Home Organization spells out everything you need to de-clutter your house, store your belongings, and keep your home—and life—in tip-top shape. With high-quality design, intricate detail, and a durable flexicover—this manual is the perfect gift!

Organize the 30 main spaces of your home, including the living and dining spaces, bedrooms and bathrooms, guest areas, baby and kids’ rooms, utility spaces and garages, entryways and offices, patios and decks, closets and pet areas! Keep track of your pantry, holiday and craft supplies, weekly menu planning, keepsakes, and schedules. From the basement to the attic, this book covers every nook and cranny. With step-by-step instructions, detailed illustrations, and handy checklists, say goodbye to a messy home and wasted storage space!

Book Title: The Complete Book of Home Organization
Author: Toni Hammersley
Publisher: Weldon Owen
E-ISBN: 9781681881232 (fixed-layout), 9781681881225 (reflowable)
List Price: 9.99 USD// 14.16 CAD// 6.97 GBP// 9.24 EUR// 14.22 AUD
USD Promo Price now until 3/31: $7.99
Category: Do-It-Yourself/Interior Decorating/Decorative Arts
Territory Rights: Worldwide

Author Q&A with Toni Hammersley

What's the most challenging part of the house, and how do you recommend tackling it?
The kitchen can be the most challenging to organize, especially if you are lacking space. The key is to purge as much as possible before you begin organizing. When purging, consider the multiple uses items can offer.

What's the history behind a Bowl Full of Lemons?
I began ABFOL to document my home keeping challenges, tips and ideas. I love taking pictures and writing so starting a blog was a no brainer. It has definitely evolved into so much more over the years.

Between your career, your family and the blog, you have a pretty busy schedule, what are some tips for keeping your house clean when you're short on time? 
There are 5 things I do daily that helps me maintain a clean house in an efficient amount of time. Make the bed as soon as I wake up in the morning, wash a load of laundry every day, always clean up the kitchen each night after dinner (who wants a sink full of dishes to greet you in the morning?), clean as I go, and finally do a quick five minute tidy each night before bed. Whether you’re a stay at home mom or you have a 40 hour per week job, everyone can do these five things.

Maintaining an organized life is probably as much of a challenge for some people as doing the initial major clean-up. How do you recommend staying on top of it?
I’ve learned that “stuff” makes clutter and the less stuff you have, the less clutter you have to organize. So purging and minimizing clutter is the biggest tip I can suggest.

What's your advice for completing the weekly challenges for families with children (young kids all the way to teens)?
Don’t do it alone - teach your children the way. Start them young and give them the valuable skills they need to be organized and take pride in their belongings. It’s an important life lesson. They learn what they see so be a good role model. Break down the challenges into manageable tasks for each child to do. Make it fun!

We all know about spring cleaning, but what do you think is the optimal time of year to completely organize your home?
Every day is an optimal time to organize the home. You don’t have to wait to get organized. Start now!

What section of the book was most challenging for you to complete and why?
I think the beginning was the most difficult because it was hard for me to figure out how to juggle the blog and the book. Once I figured out my schedule, the rest came easier. I really enjoyed the process.

Have you always been an organized person? What tips do you have for folks who aren't naturally organized?
I have always had organized tendencies. As a child, I could spend hours organizing and cleaning my bedroom. As a teenager, I wasn't always as neat, but I grew out of that and found my niche again. My youngest daughter, who is nine, is taking after me. Makes my heart smile.

We love the bloggers who helped contribute to your book! How did you select which ones would contribute and why?
Most of the bloggers that are in the book have been by my side since I began A Bowl Full of Lemons. We’ve learned the blogging world together, supported each other, and inspired each other. It was a no brainer to include them in my project.

What are some of the best ways to organize a very small living space, like a studio apartment?
Minimizing clutter is essential to small spaces. Simplify as much as possible. Also use furniture to store things, like an ottoman instead of a coffee table.

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Author Q&A with Toni Hammersley
Ingram Staff

Ingram Staff

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