Data Services Frequently Asked Questions

What is metadata?

Metadata is information that characterizes data; literally, it is data about data. Examples of book metadata include bibliographic data (such as title, author, publisher, page count, etc.), descriptions, images, and much more. Customers look at all this information when they make purchasing decisions, and you can be certain that they notice when it's missing.

Why should you subscribe to Ingram data?

Ingram Content Group collects title data in a variety of formats from more than 30,000 publishers. We apply standards and groom the data to provide you with the most comprehensive, aggregated, and accurate data in the industry today. Our data service packages allow you to access data for millions of active titles for use with your online website or internal systems.

When you subscribe to our data, you have essentially enlisted an entire team of people who are constantly working behind the scenes to make sure that you have the most up-to-date data available. It’s important to note that book data is different from many other products in that there can be as many as 65 data elements attached to a single title. By working with us, you don't need to dedicate valuable staff and resources to the collecting and aggregating of this information from multiple publishers that do not use the same format for providing data. We collect the data from the myriad of sources, and you receive it from us in one convenient place!

What services do you offer?

We offer stock, bibliographic, and image data via FTP or Web Service. Our FTP packages are available as flat text files or ONIX files. Our Web Service packages provide access to XML responses using a secured URL to which you send a query.

What’s the difference between Web Service and FTP?

Accessing data via our Web Service provides you with live data, which can be used for display purposes onsite or through your POS system. Web Service offers the data on demand. Web Service can act as an API when licensed for caching. Images are delivered as URLs in multiple sizes.

Accessing data via our FTP Service allows you to download and ingest the data to display on your internal and/or external site. We offer daily stock and weekly bibliographic and image data via FTP. Images are provided as JPEG files. (Current standard pixel size is 400 on the longest edge. We also offer 648 JPEG or 1000 JPEG as an add-on.)

What are the prices?

Our prices vary based on data package and delivery method. If you want to learn more about the different data options, please contact

Will Ingram integrate the data on my site?

While we don’t support external systems/tools/software, we do provide you with detailed instructions, as well as a team of experts that will help troubleshoot any problem that you may encounter with the files themselves during the integration process. Choosing to work with a developer is a preferred option for most customers unless you’re able to work with databases and do the development work yourself.