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What is Booklove?

An exclusive indie bookstore program that triggers rebates upon reaching a specified annual sales goal. Basically, the more booklove you help us spread, the more money you make. Other benefits include:

Search extensively by publisher, language, category, and more

Order quickly and easily with ipage’s One-Click option

Check stock availability in real-time for each warehouse


How It Works

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Get Your Goals

2. Get Your Goals

We provide annual comprehensive sales goal.

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Buy more and sell more books.

Get Reports

4. Get Reports

We keep you updated on your progress.

How To Get Paid

Meet your annual goal and receive 0.05% of your net sales in the form of credit. Includes every title in our entire distribution network!

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Booklove FAQs

Why do I have to sign-up?

We will be sending out periodic progress reports and tips. Because some of this information might be sensitive, we want to make sure that the right person receives these emails.

When will I receive my personalized sales goal?

As soon as 2022 sales are finalized and analyzed, we’ll be reaching out with your goal.

When will the program start?

January 1, 2023

When will the program end?

December 31, 2023

How is my credit calculated?

When you reach or surpass your personalized sales goal, we’ll take the net sales you did with us to reach that goal and use that number to calculate your credit.

How do I use my Booklove credit or apply it to an order?

The credit is posted to your account like any other credit memo to be used at your discretion.

What about any orders I placed before I signed up for Booklove? Do those count toward my goal?

Yes, we are counting all orders placed on, or after, January 1, 2023 towards your sales goal.

"We love the chance to be rewarded just for doing our regular orders from Ingram!"
— Sara Luce Look, Charis Books & More, Atlanta, GA

Kathi Kirby of Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon. Kirby told BTW that Powell’s staff are enthusiastic about the program and consider participation a win-win for the company, for Ingram, and for publishers as well. “In the years we have achieved the sales goal, the resulting rebate has added to our bottom line, which is especially welcome in January,” said Kirby. “If we fail to meet the goal there is no penalty, so there is no pressure. The Booklove program is a nice incentive to help us closely scrutinize our return on inventory investment and to evaluate sales trends and to fill inventory holes, resulting in more sales from both wholesale and publisher.

"Ingram's BookLove program was very easy and straightforward. By including IPS titles and giving me regular updates, I was able to meet my sales goal. I also took advantage of the sales tips and videos Ingram offered."
— Gwen Danfelt, Drury Lane Books, Grand Marais, MN

"We love the chance to be rewarded just for doing our regular orders from Ingram!"
— Sara Luce Look, Charis Books & More, Atlanta, GA

“The Booklove credit that I earned last year paid for pretty large order for my store, which was like having an entire extra day of sales income. And earning it was easy. I always send my special orders and all the restock titles I need immediately to Ingram every day - I met the goal without any trouble.”
—Carol D. Price, BookPeople of Moscow

“Ingram's BookLove program is a terrific practical incentive that produces a significant rebate. Keep me signed up!”
— Suzanne DeGaetano, Mac's Backs-Books on Coventry, Cleveland Heights, OH

“BookLove is a great program that Ingram has created to get their discount rates closer to those given by publishers and is a terrific incentive to order from them. Our Ingram rep, Trent Shaw, does a wonderful job in keeping us apprised of where we were as we got closer to achieving the numbers we needed to receive the discount. It definitely made a difference in our bottom line.”
— Karen Emmerling, Beach Books, Seaside, OR

Richard Klein, Book Revue, Huntington, NY said “he appreciated the rebate and was able to increase sales because we had the titles he needed, when he needed them.”

"There is much to love about Ingram's BookLove program. Signing up is a breeze and the goals they set for earning rebates are fair and reasonable. Now that Ingram includes purchases not only from the traditional wholesale side, but also IPS and the old PGW companies there is certain to be growth in the purchases you make that count toward your BookLove goals. Before you know it, your rebate comes in—it's like putting your winter coat and finding a clutch of money you left in the pocket last winter."
— Michael Boggs, Carmichael’s Bookstore

Andy Lacher, BookStacks, Bucksport, ME said “It works for me!” and added he was able to shift some publisher sales to us in order to reach his goal.

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