5 Ways to Market Ebooks to Increase Sales (2020)

August 28, 2020
Ingram Staff
5 Ways to Market Ebooks to Increase Sales (2020)

How to Capitalize on the Increase of Ebook Buyers Right Now

In a “mobile-first” world, people have access to content all the time. According to recent statistics gathered by Statista, ebook revenue has grown 12.4% YoY in 2020. However, the average revenue per user is expected to decline through 2024.

But here’s the good news — the ebook penetration rate is expected to increase nearly 3% through 2021, in other words, an increase of 213,460,000 ebook customers.

Readers have realized the benefits offered by a digital book format resulting in a shift to e-reader adoption, especially during the unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

So, how are you taking advantage of the influx of customers looking to purchase ebooks right now? Hopefully, a narrowed focus on ebook marketing is high on your list.

Ebooks can be easily downloaded and are a more affordable way to market titles. Forbes reports people are on their tablet, phone or computer more than 10 hours a day, so a simple pay-per-click ad or ebook page link could help you drive more traffic to a title with an already captive audience. A multi-channel ebook marketing plan is incredibly valuable but requires a well-documented plan.

5 Ways to Take Advantage of Online Marketing to Promote Your Ebook Titles 

  1. Create a compelling, but informative, landing page. Not only can consumers easily purchase and download ebooks from a landing page, but this tool can also be utilized to establish: 
  • A brand name through information 
  • Release dates 
  • Testimonials from reviewers 
  • Even a short video clip from the author

It is useful to be able to embed this link in other digital platforms to further build consumer awareness.

Looking for a resource to help build these pages? Check out Ingram’s book marketing and sales platform Aerio, which creates book landing pages with customizable branding, copy-and-paste embed code and multiple consumer purchase options.

  1. Start the conversation. In today’s digital era, most readers are likely on social media. Utilize it! This is an effective outlet to interact, start talking about your titles, a publication date, or potential launch party. Also, readers want to engage with you, so engage them where they are. This will begin to build a trusting relationship with your consumers.

Take your ebook marketing a step further with Marketing Insights to determine how readers are interacting with your titles across social media and retail channels.

  1. Give away the first chapter. This will create anticipation around a title launch, and intrigue e-readers. Whether it’s through social media, email marketing or your own website, a lot of publishers find success in posting the first chapter or a small expert that will entice readers to buy the book. You can also send these samples to influencers that can promote it on their digital platforms to increase your reach.

Using a tool like Aerio Previews allows you to create a free ebook giveaway, while also offering options for email capture so you own the customer relationship.

  1. Partner with ebook blogs/newsletters. Ebook enthusiasts have created a very powerful communication network. Readers love to consume content and they look to influencers to:
  • Find information on books they’ve read
  • New titles that just released
  • Specials and discount pricing
  • Insights on how other readers are talking about a book

These sources can provide new avenues to reach readers. Some websites will highlight a title for a small fee, but this increases the title’s sales potential.

  1. Find the right distribution outlet for your ebook titles. Most distributors have a large network, tools and marketing platforms that can help your titles reach multiple channels. Distributors typically also send newsletters to their customers with title listings, as well as external advertisement placements that can further market your book.

Overall, the user adoption of digital and ebooks are changing the book industry and creating new ways to reach readers. Consider your options and use these marketing tactics to help set a foundation for the success of your titles.

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5 Ways to Market Ebooks to Increase Sales (2020)
Ingram Staff

Ingram Staff

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