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CoreSource Digital Distribution  

Join 48,000 publishers who rely on the IngramCoreSource platform as their all-in-one solution for digital distribution. What sets CoreSource apart is its unparalleled global reach, powered by Ingram's extensive partnerships and print and digital distribution channels. 

How CoreSource Distribution Works

Convert Title Sales

Upload Your Digital Content & Metadata Files into
CoreSource One Time

EPUB, E-PDF, Print PDF, MP3, Print Cover files, etc.

Data Analysis for Books

Ready Files for Sale

Use Ingestion and Metadata Fitness Reporting to ensure titles are ready for sale.

Prioritize Marketing Actions

CoreSource Distributes Files to nearly 500 Retail, Library & Discovery Partners

Retail bookstores, libraries, educational institutions, etc.

Data Analysis for Books

CoreSource Distributes Files to Ingram Platforms

Lightning Source and ipage.

Prioritize Marketing Actions

In-Depth Sales Reporting Flows Back into CoreSource

Over 50 reports that can be analyzed in real-time.

Monitor, Analyze, and Optimize Sales Performance

Capture Consumer Interest

Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility

  • Troubleshoot problems
  • Manage day-to-day workflows
  • Optimize your content’s performance

Simplify Book Metadata Updates

  • Our strong distribution infrastructure allows you to make changes to your metadata as frequently as needed, like:
    • Title Release Updates
    • Price Adjustments
    • Pre-Publication Changes

Standardize Book Metadata Distribution

  • Make content available across all channels with a single process
  • Submit once and we'll take care of the rest

Identify Sales Trends

  • Use our sales tracker tool to access a normalized reporting view of your digital sales from both direct and Ingram-managed channels
  • Spot trends and pinpoint opportunities across sales in specific countries, retailers, currencies, or business models

In-Depth Customizable Reporting

  • Ensure titles are visible & available with over 55 reports delivered to your desktop
  • Improve your content’s performance with in-depth sales reporting that can be analyzed in real-time

One Intuitive Platform

Our user-friendly and mobile optimized dashboard makes it easy to view and manage your titles with a click of a button. Our easy to follow navigation takes you through each step of the process from file ingestion and optimization to distribution and sales reporting.

market reach

Increase Sales & Market Reach

Convert your titles to make sure that you have the preferred ebook format for all customers – a simple way to expand distribution through new channels. Offering conversion to all ebook formats, Ingram’s industry knowledge and experience ensures your books are in the right format and accessible across all devices including e-readers.

Reflowable EPUB

Fixed Page EPUB

Mobi (for Amazon only)

KF8 Fixed Layout (for Amazon only)


One Intuitive Platform

Our user-friendly and mobile optimized dashboard makes it easy to view and manage your titles with a click of a button. Our easy to follow navigation takes you through each step of the process from file ingestion and optimization to distribution and sales reporting.

CoreSource Dashboard Homepage
CoreSource Dashboard Details
Coresource Dashboard Assets
CoreSource Dashboard iQ integration

Flexible & Scalable

Choose how to manage your retail, library and discovery distribution partners; select the partners you want to work with directly, and those you want Ingram to manage for you

From small publishers with a handful of titles to large publishers with thousands of titles; CoreSource can scale to meet your needs

metadata updates

“CoreSource has been our digital asset management system since the beginning of our electronic publishing program, and it’s been integral to the success of our eBooks. It enables us to manage a huge inventory across dozens of vendors with a small, efficient team, and Ingram’s support system has helped us navigate almost every difficulty we’ve faced”

– Rowman & Littlefield

"CoreSource is an increasingly important platform for Kogan Page. It contains metadata for all our print and digital products and provides a single interface into the digital and physical supply chains.... Without CoreSource our digital sales would not be achievable in the seamless way they are today.

– Kogan Page

"Keeping the metadata of our vast and varied publishing program up-to-date across global channels is of key importance to De Gruyter. CoreSource helps us to do this and also provides support for our endeavor to better supply our worldwide sales channels with eBooks to reach consumers, academics, and librarians in their preferred environment.”

– De Gruyter

"CoreSource has revolutionized how Bonnier Books UK manages its digital data distribution. I can’t emphasize enough how much time, effort, and personal misery – mired in distributor spreadsheet hell – it has saved me personally, and the wider business.”

– Bonnier Books UK

"Coresource has been one of the best decisions we’ve made as a new publisher as of 2020. Being connected has allowed us to expand our reach to a vast number of sales outlets that would otherwise be unobtainable for a smaller publisher. If you want to truly get your books to the sellers, then Coresource should be your first choice.”

– 4 Horsemen Publications

Save Time & Sell Your Ebook & Audiobook Content in More Places

Capture Consumer Interest

Access More Partners

    Over 50 leading ebook and audiobook channel partners available. View Partner List

    Save Time with a Streamlined Contract

      One single agreement for our expanded network

      Full-Service Syndication

        Automated distribution to channel partners of choice, managed by a team of experts

        Consolidated Reporting

          Normalized sales reporting across your channel partners, sent monthly

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          Streamline Digital & Print Asset Management

          Centralize assets through one workflow for print and digital through direct connectivity to Lightning Source, Ingram’s Print-On-Demand system

          Enable quick and simplified management and distribution of all your assets in one place for both digital and print

          Ensure all data is never out of sync and flows seamlessly between multiple Ingram systems

          metadata updates

          How CoreSource Users are Finding Success

          "One Streamlined Platform to Distribute Ebooks & Update Print-on-Demand Titles”

          Small Independent Publisher, Fiction & Non-Fiction Titles

          We were looking for a streamlined way to simultaneously distribute our ebooks and update our print-on-demand catalogue at Lightning Source…

          • Up until we started using CoreSource we were updating each ebook vendor by hand, which limited our ability to manage more than a handful of titles at any time. We were already seeing success with our print titles at Ingram, and once we learned that we could add our audiobooks through CoreSource we decided to take the leap.
          • A year on, and we have one easy to manage workflow delivering our titles in all formats to Ingram. Our authors are delighted by the availability of print and digital versions globally, and our sales have increased considerably.
          • It’s early days for our audio titles, but the support Ingram has offered with production services has helped us launch. Even better, we can track our ebook daily and monthly sales across multiple retailers online through one portal, and we are seeing success through the promotions and marketing Ingram offers.

          “One Simple & Secure Platform to Manage our Ebook Channel Partners & Reach New Markets”

          Academic & Professional Publisher, Professional & Research Titles

          We came to CoreSource a few years ago when we needed to upgrade our systems to manage our discoverability channels as well as the expanding ebook market…

          • CoreSource is a great fit - we use minimal resources to manage the system and it’s flexible enough to allow us to deliver content to our specialist discovery channels whilst boosting our sales in the library and consumer market.
          • We can also choose the sales models that fit our strategy and reach a wide range of library and online learning platforms simultaneously.
          • Since using CoreSource we’ve seen digital sales grow considerably in both library and individual markets, and we wouldn’t have been able to do this if we tried to manage all the relationships ourselves.
          • We have also started an Open Access program and expect that to continue - being able to manage these titles with our other titles through CoreSource is crucial to our longer-term strategy.

          “One Seamless Connection to our Title Management Systems, with Flexible Control & Automation of our Ebook & Audiobook Programs”

          Large Trade publisher, Fiction & Non-Fiction Titles

          Our digital programs for ebook and audio are well-established sales drivers for us, and they require dynamic control and automation to be effective…

          • CoreSource enables us to manage our entire list and work on any exceptions quickly so we can focus on running price promotions, keyword updates and other changes that keep our titles at the forefront of consumer channels.
          • We update large numbers of titles daily and weekly through the CoreSource platform, as well as updating our metadata to increase consumer engagement.
          • CoreSource seamlessly connects to our title management systems offering full visibility of sales reporting, which saves time and allows us to focus on selling our titles.
          • We use Ingram to automate a number of our sales channels, whilst keeping some direct relationships. This flexibility allows us to maximise our reach and engagement with our readers. Being able to view all our digital sales in a single interactive portal is a game-changer, and our finance team appreciates the normalized reporting.
          • Our IT team is confident in the security provided by CoreSource and how our digital catalog is protected.

          “One Intuitive Platform to Streamline our Workflows & Scale to Meet our Changing Needs”

          Global Academic Publisher, Academic & Professional Titles

          For us, scale and flexibility is key, as over time we’ve increased our output of digital titles and the vendors we reach significantly…

          • CoreSource has been a strategic partner for many years, working closely with our team to streamline processes, ensure global availability and allow us to work at scale across many thousands of titles with a small team.
          • We started with ebooks, but we now use CoreSource to manage our print metadata distribution to discoverability partners as well as delivering to Lightning Source to manage our print-on-demand catalogue.
          • Open Access is a growing segment of our business and being able to manage our program alongside our traditional workflows is key.
          • We are a complex business - both in terms of our supply chain relationships and our specific business strategies by sector. CoreSource supports this complexity in a transparent and easy to understand way, and their expert team are on hand to work through any issues we have.
          metadata updates

          Reduce Risk with Industry Standard Security

          Continually adopting new measures and investments to protect customers’ data, the CoreSource platform continues to meet the highest level of standards

          Ongoing infrastructure improvements

          Password complexity requirements

          Multi-factor authentication processes

          Protect Your Authors & Content

          Remove and quarantine pirated content with the Link-Busters anti-piracy solution

          Ensure your work is protected to the fullest extent

          Proprietary technology verifies piracy automatically and issues take-down notices as well as link-removals from major search engines

          metadata updates

          Monitor, Analyze & Optimize Your Digital Performance

          Take Control of Your Metadata

          Metadata Essentials unlocks insights into the value and real-life uses of the metadata you spend so many precious hours editing and curating. Because it does matter.

          • Enhance the metadata that yields proven results
          • Boost title discovery
          • Increase online conversion rates
          • Save time and money
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