Spring Arbor has been a dedicated partner to the Christian retail community for nearly 40 years. You can count on us to help you provide your customers with easy access to bestselling Christian books and materials.

We offer Christian booksellers access to 260,000 titles and superior fulfillment speeds backed by a distribution network stretching coast-to-coast.


Spring Arbor is a leader in Christian book distribution, print-on-demand, and digital solutions, as well as specialty services for both physical and online Christian booksellers.

Bible Hotline

Access to Bible experts through our FREE Bible Hotline — a unique service to Spring Arbor customers in the Christian retailing industry.

Merchandise Bags

A variety of designs and sizes available via ipage® or by fax, phone, and e-mail orders.


As an experienced Christian book distributor, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities faced by Christian retailers. That’s why each program we offer is designed to support your ministry on a wider scale.

New Release Book Program

Keep up with new and bestselling Christian books each month. Choose from:

  • Christian books for adults
  • Christian books/videos for children
  • Catholic books for adults and children

Street Smart

A simple way for Christian booksellers to receive new titles on or before the on-sale date.

Tuesdays with iPage®

Learn everything there is to know about Ingram’s order and account management platform from some of the best teachers around. All on your schedule. All on-demand.

Trade Publications

Spring Arbor publishes several trade publications each month—catalogs, brochures, and e-publications—to keep you up-to-date on the titles your customers will want.

Christian Advance

A primary buying resource, this bi-monthly publication provides a wealth of information on new and expected bestselling Christian books for the upcoming months.

Catholic Reflections

Our bi-monthly e-publication containing essential product information on Catholic new releases and bestsellers relevant to your Catholic customers.

Get Started With Ingram

Our Mission is to provide superior distribution services for products that enhance people's relationship with God and spread Jesus Christ's message to the world. It is essential to our mission to enthusiastically serve our customers and to be gracious and truthful in all our interactions.