Retail Book Ordering Services
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Retail Book Ordering Services

Access to a huge inventory is great, but what makes it even better is how simple Ingram makes it to get the content from our warehouses onto your shelves.

Ingram’s Online Ordering Platform: ipage®

By using Ingram’s easy-to-use online search, order, and account management platform, you’re able to free up time to do more of what you love – selling books.

Search extensively by publisher, language, category, and more

Order quickly and easily with ipage’s one-click option

Real-time stock check for each warehouse

Access all available formats for a particular title on one page

View invoices, track shipments, and make payments

Browse and shop Ingram’s trade catalogs

View estimated times of arrival for backorder titles

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POS Integration

In-Store Inventory

Integration with most major POS vendors allows Ingram to offer you more ways to order. There are some unique ordering options available when using POS systems.

Real-time POS inventory management

Access to more content

Ship directly to your customers*

License plate receiving; visibility to carton details and tracking numbers*

*Participation varies by POS vendor

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Through a team of dedicated EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) specialists, Ingram communicates with all major automation systems to ensure efficient order placement and acknowledgment. Ingram also supports both basic and enriched ordering via EDI.

Electronic Data Interchange

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