Enhanced Metadata Services
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Enhanced Metadata Services

Gathering data is important, but it’s consistent curation, categorization, and data classification that allow you to stand out in a highly competitive marketplace. Better data. A better customer experience. A better bottom line. We make it simple.

Data Services

Complete metadata collection services work in tandem with our proprietary data to ensure you have exactly the tools and information you need to optimize book discoverability and stand out from the pack.

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From Backlist to Big Mover: How West Margin Press Used Actionable Data to Profit from an Opportunity
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Metadata Essentials:

Proven Techniques for Book Marketing and Discovery

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From SEO expertise to time-saving curation technology, our metadata and customer book data products are built upon a foundation of success, measured by higher levels of effectiveness.

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We Go Beyond Books

Our commitment to the creation and maintenance of bibliographic and intellectual metadata doesn’t end with print books. We also offer comprehensive metadata services for:


DVD and Blu-ray

Toys, Gifts, and Games

And much more!

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